10 razones para viajar a Dubai

10 reasons to visit Dubai

Dubai is a city that belongs to the United Arab Emirates with impressive tourist attractions. This magical city boasts modern architecture that is representative of Emirati culture. It stands out for its nightlife, as well as for the enormous commercial offer it presents and the many beaches where you can sunbathe and enjoy the good temperatures almost all year round that characterize this place.

Reasons to travel to Dubai

The commercial paradise. The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world. In its more than 2,000 stores, you can buy high-end items and find both retail and wholesale stores. In addition, between January and February the Dubai Fest is celebrated with the best sales of the whole year.

  • Varied gastronomy. In Dubai, there are typical restaurants from all over the world: Arab, Lebanese, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, American, European, Indian, Persian, Pakistani, French and Japanese, among others. There are also street food stalls at cheaper prices.
  • Emirates desert. In this red sand desert you can go on safari, ride camels and fly trained falcons. In the center is Ski Dubai, a theme park with winter themes and a ski slope. It is located in the Mall of the Emirates.
  • The tallest building in the world. In Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is located, which is 828 meters high, inside which there are residential apartments, offices, spectacular viewpoints, restaurants and the Armani hotel. On the other hand, the Burj Arab hotel, the only one cataloged with 7 stars, if the category existed, in the whole world. It is 321 meters high and has duplex suites of 170 square meters.
  • Swimming pools and water parks. Given the high temperatures in this city starting in May, a wide variety of water parks have been built. One of the best known is the Wild Wadi Water. As well as theme parks and indoor attractions to be cooler.
  • Dubai Frame. It is the only building designed exclusively to contemplate the views of the city over time, you can see the old and the most modern part.
  • Artificial island. The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island shaped like a palm tree created on the waters of the Arabian Gulf. It is a residential place with many hotel complexes. With endless beaches to sunbathe.
  • Warm weather. Temperatures in Dubai do not drop below 25 degrees for most of the year during midday.
  • Multiculturality. This city welcomes residents from all over the world, so foreigners will feel at home.
  • Souks. In Dubai you will find wonderful souks and markets where you can do your shopping or walk among the Emirati traditions. Like the Gold and Species markets in Deira or the textile market in Bur Dubai.
  • Expo2020. It is being held until March 31 where Dubai has achieved the highest record of participation in pavilions from 192 countries around the world.

Dubai is positioned as the most attractive tourist destination by TripAdvisor in the world for 2022.
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